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 Topic: Game Running

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PostForum: 475th Technical Help Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:33 pm Subject: Game Running
I've been encountering an odd technical issue with Steam and DOD:S. The game app begins running when I leave my computer or the computer goes to sleep. The Steam help sites have a few steps to verify the game files, but that only works when the app stops running. Only I cannot get it to stop running. Tried to uninstall the game. Same problem: the game needs to stop running in order to uninstall. Trying to uninstall Steam now and reinstall after.

Anyone else encounter this before? Any ideas on causes / solutions?


 Topic: Game Playing Methods / Thoughts

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PostForum: 475th Source Servers Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:58 am Subject: Re: Game Playing Methods / Thoughts
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I do not think I clearly stated that these are not necessarily things everyone does or should do, but these are things that I do -the method to zealot's madness. In part, it is because of the ragers who think anyone better than they must be cheating by default. I do not know how to do such things. Perhaps someone would tell me how one day. Also, it is to help those who would like to have better odds against those who play like me -to include even those ragers. I welcome the game being difficult and challenges when such opportunities arise. Sometimes I play well, and sometimes I get pwned like a noob. Since this is just a game that I play -mostly to turn off my brain and allow it to recharge during the day- let the game be fun. These things do not always work, and sometimes I am required to improvise new methods, but they seem to work a decent amount of time.

6. Hiding
There are two ways that other players get me nearly without fail. While running around, a motionless corpse looks the same to me as a motionless prone player. Now, this does fail when the prone player is moving / looking around or I saw the person lay down. But my brain does not register the stationary body as a threat and my instincts are against revealing my location by wasting bullets on what is probably a dead player / bot. The same goes for someone hiding in irregular positions on barrels or boxes, in dark corners, or other places that generally no one hides in. The audacity of it never crosses my mind, and players often get me with this method. My only defense against it is to look in the same place where the person got me the first time, try to anticipate where the person may go next (usually the smartest move for the enemy), or to abandon that particular pathway and take a different route. Like the prone player, this method is only effective if the person is stationary. Movement will give the enemy away and cause me to pull a trigger. But I've eaten lead a great many a time from this tactic and have no great way to fight it. This may be just me or a great many people.

7. Pathways / Routes
Those who know how I play will probably already know that I often take the same routes on particular maps. In many ways this is advantageous to me, because it gives me a better read on the particular Flow of the players / bots in that route. It also establishes a pattern that if I deviate from it can cause enough confusion to a particular enemy -one who has figured my pathway out- to give me an advantageous opportunity. Sometimes, enemies learn of my pathway and take different routes. This can give the enemy a vantage point against my route, sometimes it can leave the route open for me to advance beyond certain areas which may create greater disadvantages for the enemy. The takeaway is that when a person / bots' pathway is known, minimal effort can be employed to defeat the enemy without a direct engagement. I suspect that this is known but not perceived. For example, when the bots take one of -say- two or three specific routes on a map but there are three to five given routes on that same map, a player may lob a grenade in that normal bot pathway and can run towards a different direction to engage a different group. This happens often at the start of most levels. However, the same principal can be used against a real player who follows similar route pathways -like me. If you know where I am going to be, toss a grenade. Odds are, I will blow up. (Unless I see it coming, and will likely try to pick it up or run away.)

There are also certain pathways that I usually avoid because they are death traps. Bridges. They are usually out in the open with players stationed high and low, all around, raining lead and grenades onto them. I nearly never have any effect on bridges except to die. Let the bots capture those, I say. I would rather engage an enemy than to sit in a very visible spot and just take fire.

This one is a bugaboo for me. Couches and Pianos. This is an old tactic, and can be used very well when the team who employs it is in dire needs. But even if I am losing badly, I am loth to employ it. A player -usually with an mg or sub machine gun- moves the couch or piano into a doorway. This will block the entire pathway from both teams but will usually give the team causing the blockage an advantage. I am not precisely sure as to why it bugs me so. I prefer to move more freely, and it is restrictive. It is one of the few ways my fun time disappears without fail -apart from rage-aholics getting personal with their rage attacks. But someone who knows how to employ this move can wear down my score with effect.

8. Grenades
It must be reiterated that DOD:S is not a realistic game. In game, the grenades smoke -thus revealing the location of the grenade- and they have a slightly different fuse from real grenades. I typically throw grenades in one of two ways. First, I throw it up high without holding onto the grenade. This has two effects. It will run the fuse of the grenade so that by the time is lands or comes near the ground it explodes. In this manner, the smoke which reveals the grenades' location is minimized. This is my most typical grenade throwing method. I use it because I am bad at counting down the fuse. A real grenade has 3 seconds, but when I count these I end up at five or six. The second method is to count down the fuse. This is usually for campers, snipers who don't change positions, or mgs who also do not change positions. I have no problem with such players or tactics. Not moving is a great way to surprise me the first time. After that, your position is known. If a person wishes to remain in that spot, by all means go for it. Roll those dice. If I get beat by a camper in a known position, then it is more my fault than anyone else's.

I do not usually employ rifle grenades. They have two advantages, I think. They can be sent towards a location far away with great accuracy and usually at a very shallow angle. This angling may allow a player to hurl the explosive right into a surprised enemy -often behind the front lines. I cannot aim such things with regularity. The disadvantages of the rifle grenades are that speed which also makes them effective. If the grenade arrives quickly, it will smoke and give itself away. If it arrives too quickly, then anyone can pick it up and throw it away -or back. A person can launch it towards the ground, pick it up, and throw it. Too often, I achieve step one but lose the grenade, can't therefore pick it up, and have to run away only to die from it. Also, this method takes a person's eyes down to the ground and then up to the sky which can be fatal for the grenade thrower. I prefer ways to keep my eyes and head looking for enemies, because I feel like I live longer by avoiding rifle grenades.

Not sure if there are many more things that I do.

To the jelly ragers, if you utilize some of these things I think you will likely get me more often. I hope these things will help someone.

 Topic: Game Playing Methods / Thoughts

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PostForum: 475th Source Servers Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:09 pm Subject: Game Playing Methods / Thoughts
I encountered another rage gamer today and -whilst being accused of cheating again- I thought, "Would it be any benefit to detail any of my game playing tactics for anyone?" Likely, it will not help the rage-aholics, but it may help someone and -at the least- clearify a few things. Perchance, someone will use the ideas against me? That is fine. Most of these things will already be known to those who pwn me on a regular basis anyhow. If I am lucky, that number will grow beyond that number. I've played DOD:S for a long, long time and logged nearly 1300 hours on the Steam for this game.

If any of it is dumb, let me know. I won't be offended. These are just some ways that I play. They seem to work. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Hard to say.

1. The Flow
There is a flow to the game. Often when re-spawning, a person or bot do not re-spawn alone. They come in waves. If you can read the waves -the flow of the spawning- then you can gauge the ebbs of that flow. When the wave ebbs, there is a brief reprieve of enemies -a sort of 'power play,' if you will- when there are fewer enemies restricting your movements. This is advantageous for making geographic progress -i.e. moving forward with fewer chances to get shot. When the wave comes, you usually have a limited set of options. A) Engage the wave. B) Re-position yourself. C) Run away.

A) Engage the Wave
The best way to control the Flow is to eliminate the waves in clumps. Given that the bots are usually the largest group of enemies -and can sometimes be stupid- they can be mowed down. Apart from fluffing your stats, eliminating the waves in groups will tell you exactly when you can move, re-position, reload safely.

B) Re-Position
When you stop, you become a manageable target. Even good players -and good bots when they are given a higher skill level- can be taken down when they stop moving. In this game, bullets are the number one way to beat an enemy. The targeting system can be wonky, and the bots can hit things that people usually can't except by occasionally lucky shots. But when you move from one window to the next, you force the enemy to move their sites and reacquire the target -i.e. you / me. It is common for someone to continue waiting with sites on a given point -waiting for me to re-emerge- only to find me shooting from a completely different place. The enemy will go down before they have a chance to return fire. An enemy who does not shoot at you increases the odds that you yourself will not be shot. Changing the position from which you were, also might give you a new perspective on the battle scene. Perhaps there is another enemy which is more imminent -who requires your attention.

C) Run Away
This is something that I have utilized to great effect. Often, a player understands that this is a game, and there is no real consequence to dying -except the loss of ground and time- but, ultimately, that matters little. However, there is no shame to running. Often, you will not be pursued. Bots do not chase; humans usually do not chase. This will give you a chance to reload, heal, re-position yourself, etc. There is no shame in turning tail and running if it increases your chances of living and fighting again, but it can expose your backside to bullets.

(If I remember the series Band of Brothers, the E Co, 101st seem to have received quite a few buttock wounds.)

2. Move
Along with the ideas of re-positioning and running away, moving is another important way to stay alive. It often looks like dancing -when I go left and right over and over again. It looks stupid, but it causes two things to happen. First, the enemy has to continually move their sites back and forth. If they know the pattern by which I dance, then it may have no effect overall; but the odds of your survival lengthening increases because the target becomes more difficult to hit. Second, moving back and forth changes your own targeting.

3. Targeting
DOD:S is not a realistic game. Knowing this will help your mindset to think about the game as a game -a form of entertainment- and, thus, reduce rage. I cannot confirm this outside of my experience, but I am confident when I say that different weapons have different targeting algorithms. Some weapons are more accurate at certain times than others. Some weapons are never accurate -or are not supposed to be. Probably we have all been sniped by a bot with a C96; this should not be possible, but it happens. Why? Because the bot has super-human stabilizing abilities or because the bot took the shot and got lucky? Sometimes yes to the former but usually yes to the latter. Yes to both. I am not an accurate player. I shoot wildly, but I hit targets all of the time. Why? Because this game is not realistic. Wild shooting does not work in real life. It does work in this game (about 1 hit in 6 shots according to my overall accuracy rating). If you take your time to aim, then you will usually be picked off either by a bot, by someone who puts clouds of bullets into the air like me, or by someone who can actually target someone expeditiously. In this server, we are given lots of ammunition -for nearly all of the weapons. Use it. You cannot save it or use it when you die. The bots do, and they hit targets all the time -albeit sometimes when they shouldn't.

(Wouldn't that be an interesting twist? You get X amount of ammo, and when you die you re-spawn with the remainder of that ammo until you reach zero. At which point, you have to pick up weapons or use the melee. Or you start out with only one or two magazines forcing the player to concentrate and conserve ammo. I'd play it.)

I could probably discuss each weapons' aiming quirks with some detail, but I am running out of time this morning.

4. Reloading
In DOD:S, I have found that compulsory reloading often leaves me exposed. It is a difficult habit to break, and I can be found making the mistake. But I have greater success when I reload at the correct times. Knowing the flow and reloading when you are under cover are better times to reload. Also, I have found that I usually have need of an entire magazine. Enemies just keep coming, and if you reload before they stop coming, then you will usually get shot. Empty that thing thing and then get out of dodge. Hide. Run. Re-position. Whatever it takes do it. Just do not stand out in the open like a bot to reload, because you become an unarmed target when you do. A loaded weapon is your best chance to keep your soldier alive.

5. Know Your Surroundings
There are several maps where I keep finding new nooks and crannies. I find these places to be useful maybe once out of a hundred. Typically, the main routes are where the action is. And usually, I know exactly where I am going. Fortunately for some and unfortunately for me, the players who know this about me utilize it to great effect. I usually use the same path. A decent player will know when to throw a grenade into that path and get me every time without even having to engage me. The bots also take similar paths with some exceptions. Every now and then you will find a bot in a sewer when they don't often go thataways. Same with me. Sometimes I am forced to switch it up to escape inevitable pwnage, sometimes to make the game more interesting. There are several places that I often do not go -like super exposed bridge flags. Let the bots capture that, I say. Better to surround the other enemy flags and attack from a flank or rout position than to sit out in the open and take fire. There are also several instances where you can be aided or hindered by surroundings. Sometimes there are armored vehicles. These things do not usually let bullets pass through them, and there is no rule that says you cannot let it absorb enemy fire. Different weapons can go through different walls and objects.

Sometimes there are some pieces of rubble nearby other rubble that -if you go through them just right- can give you faster access to an enemy hiding behind them. Why go around and expose yourself when there is a path that might work and give you a better opportunity -if it works. I cannot say how many times such things do not work, but the one that fails me the most are door frames. They stick out about an inch, but I get stuck on them more than any other piece of landscape. And it is almost always when a new wave of enemies is coming down upon me. If I were smarter, I would probably avoid more door frames.

Out of time to write more. Maybe more another time if anyone wants?

Maybe someone will use these things to beat me good the next time you find me in game. I am okay with that.

 Topic: DoD Source Server Bot and Exploit Issues

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PostForum: 475th Source Servers Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:05 pm Subject: Re: DoD Source Server Bot and Exploit Issues
Good job on the forum post, Meat. I could not figure out how to do it.
 Topic: <SK> | DRILL_SGT_P_02

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PostForum: Banned Players Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:33 pm Subject: Re: <SK> | DRILL_SGT_P_02
When my internet is clear and working at 100%, I still have a tough time against Drill SGT though I daresay the challenge is fun (when my old computer is up to it). He is that good. I have never used cheats of any kind, so I cannot identify them easily, but I do not recognize him as using any. But I am just a regular player on the server, too. I do not think my opinion on the matter has all that much weight.

I wonder if I have had complaints against me? GTO booted me today without explanation. I was playing rather well at the time. I have had to adopt tactics over the years to lessen such things like always choosing random weapons or classes, never staying in one place too long even if it is a good spot to be in, or constantly picking up different weapons while running around. The constant changing gives one a disadvantage in that there is usually a new tactic being required or a pause in action due to a mandatory reload. Perhaps, Drill, you might need to consider joining me in this? It does make the game a little more interesting and fun, too.
 Topic: Tonight's Problem Players

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PostForum: 475th MP's Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:54 pm Subject: Re: Tonight's Problem Players

Today, 6th December 2018, 1:50pm Mountain time zone, 3:50pm Eastern, a player Deagle Girl was using cheats. Running around with an mg shooting directly into spawn without wall penalties. I do not know the proceedures for these types of things, but I do know that while spawn camping is allowed but generally goes on an honor code, hacking walls and weapons is not something the Merril's server likes to have happen.

I do not know if there is a solution or an active admin.


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